Murphy's still acting strangely. He keeps having these strange little sessions where he becomes frantic for either me or my husband, he wants to climb on us and press as close as he can, leaning right into us. He acts as though he's scared of something, and his heart really starts to go. It's very scary just how fast his heart seems to get.

He hasn't done it in a a few weeks, definitely not since he was MRI'd, and started on Cimetidine, but he did it yesterday about lunch time, last night at bed time he freaked out, and about half an hour ago. The Neurologist wasn't sure if the behavior had anything to do with his early stages of SM or not, and if I'm honest I don't know what to think either. I did at one point brush is behavior off as his misbehaving, but after the third time it happened I didn't think it was. It's now happened about 11 times, with 7 or 8 of them being at night when he goes to bed.

The thing is it's very windy here right now, and I tried to get him outside for a pee, Misty went straight out, but Murphy turned around and ran for the living room. The letter box keeps rattling now, and this is really upsetting him(off to stuff it closed) but both of these behaviors are so different to what he's normally like. I'm waiting for the vet to call me back, but he's now sitting panting as well. Something is obviously wrong with him, and I feel so frustrated not knowing what! Hoping the vets calls soon.