As the winter is fast approaching I took all my camera bits and bobs outside while we still have some light .I set the D800 on its tripod with a lastolite
flash bracket on with my flash on top with its softbox ,then called Luke to help hold the treats just out of frame and snapped away .The D800
has a a huge sensor of 36.15 million pixels which enables you to crop hard and fetch your subject right in ,also had my trusty 24-70 Nikon 2.8g attached .Its a fun hobby taking pics of Cavaliers but a huge learning curve and I am still at the very bottom of the mountain .What I have found out is that out of the four girls Daisy is by far the biggest poser of the girls its as though she knows how I want her to pose buts thats Cavaliers they can read your mind very easy and know how to twist you right round their little paw and I fall for it all the time but I love it the horrors.
] Daisy 23 Sept by brianmurtagh49,

Daisy close up cropped in from above 22 Sept 2012_ by brianmurtagh49,

Poppy 22 Sept 2012 by brianmurtagh,

Rosie 22 Sept 2012_ by brianmurtagh49,

Lily 22 Sept 2012 by brianmurtagh49,