Ok, I know how important car seats are for dogs and I have one but I will shamefully admit I don't use it. I need help finding something that will be good for a dog who has trouble in the car. When I put him in the car seat he freaks out and tries to get out to the point it hurts him. He has a real problem in the car.

At first I thought maybe he's scared. He has to be in my lap and his whole body shakes. He will usually calm down after awhile. My mom and step dad took Elton to the beach this weekend because I'm going out of town for work. I spend a lot of time with them and he's real comfortable with them so it's not that. My mom said Elton was having a hard time in the car. She had to sit in the backseat with him. He did not like when they had to stop or slowed down.

Do you think it's carsickness, nerves or something else? He doesn't get sick (vomit) so i never thought it was carsick. I want to find something for my car that will make him comfortable and safe for not only him but me too. It's really hard driving with him in my lap etc. I've tried two different carseats, a harness that straps to seatbelt, a net that is meant to keep him in the back but he finds a way to either get tangled up or goes crazy.

Anything you know that can help him?