Since I have had prince who is 6 months he has had sickness and diarrea... Been backwards and forwards to Vet... I am now taking a 3 day sample of his poo on Tuesday.... TBH I hope I have not got a sick dog... My Ruby died 19 July and as I have been so upset my friends were saying go and get one to help you over her.... He is gorgeous but has me constantly worried.... I did not intend to replace Ruby but hoped he would help.... I do not work due to ill health so am under PDSA who I cannot fault but with this little fellow I feel something is really wrong in his tummy..... I hope sending off some samples will come up with something.... He has been on Hills Science (the best I am told) but he is even regurgitating that up..... So I have had him up for a few nights with sickness and diarrea.... Phoned emergency etc.. He's on boiled chicken and rice but still got runs..... Apart from all this he is a lively little boy.... Wants to play all the time so he is doing all the normal things for a 6 month old. Dont know what else to do ..... Dont want to change his food as I thought that was the best one xxx ????????? Rose