We take Dawn back to the hospital tomorrow for her colonoscophy under GA then back again on Wed for a couple of biopsies they want and hopefully
then she will have the all clear apart from taking her Omeprazole for life .

Rosie has been acting strange for about the last week as normally she follows me everywhere as soon as I am in from work but she has been
leaving my company for that of Dawn ,it sounds daft to complain about this but I am so used to watching every move the four make that something different
sets alarm bells ringing .We increased her Incurin tablets that she takes for bed wetting on her Vets advice and that has stopped her nighttime wetting
but I want to get her onto a homeopathic treatment within the near future ,though last Thursday the one big dog bed we keep in the lounge was absolutely dripping wet but we have no idea who the guilty party one was but all have been fine since that incident. Rosie has been scooting a lot and shown a reluctance to climb the stairs again so is it her CM or discs playing up .As I am off work on a weeks hols mainly to run Dawn around and to put the garden to bed for the winter I decided to play safe and took Rosie and Daisy who has also scooted a bit to our Vets with a possible trip to Chestergates in my mind if they do think its her SM or disc problem be giving trouble but Lorna her vet after exam decided to leave Chestergates for now but for her to take Loxicom for a few days while we watch then go back on Friday.

When her glands were checked we found one had an infection but only in its early stages so that was worth going just to find that problem for which she is now on Antibiotics and to go back on Friday for further exam. Daisy also had her glands checked and emptied and promptly screamed the place down and she goes back for another check on Friday which will please her .All poor Rosie does at the Vets is hide her head under my arm and never makes a sound while Daisy acts as though they are sawing both her legs off, how different the two are .
I just knew Rosie wasn't 100% so I am sad they had to go but happy to have found that gland infection early. Hopefully my Dawn will be fine tomorrow and the girls will be OK on Friday .
I dropped Luke off at school this morning then took the girl along our seaside walk which I thoroughly enjoyed and I know they did ,oh to do that every morning though winter time it does get cold there with the wind blowing off the Irish sea ,then after our little walk we went and had a human breakfast in a nice little place in West Kirby as after that Dawn is allowed no food today only liquids till after the hospital visit in the morning.

As my photos are now huge with the Nikons sensor taking shoots of 36.3 pixels I decded that was my exuse for a new laptop which might arrive tomorrow ,have gone back to Dell its an xps laptop 15.6 in with 1 terrabyte of storge 7200 speed ,8 gb of ram and a separate graphics card with its own 2 gb and last but not least an i7 processor to give it loads of punch .Also knocked Sky off going back to Virgin on Friday with 3 Tivo boxes all my sports ie rugby u ,boxing and footy and most of all a braodband speed of 100 mb down its cable compared to as tested by the gpo Skys speed of 3.8 ,no contest .