Although I avoid the memoriam forum well because it just breaks my heart. All of you loved your dogs so much and nothing I can type can ease that pain however I would just like to say thank you. Thank you for loving your dog like a true members of your family. For all the care you gave and still give the memory of your dogs. Thank you for all the advice and/or help to all the other people who use CT. Thank you for sharing all the crazy things that made your dog so special. Thank you for reminding me to make everyday "count" and not skip that walk or smile even when my puppy is doing something bad.

So let me just leave this blanket statement here and say for anyone posting about the loose of one of their best friends: I am from the bottom of my heart sorry and I hope you are able to grieve and come to the realization that your love for your pet is the only thing that will live forever. Just know a tiny part of your love will guide me into loving my pet just that much more. I will honor all of your dogs memory in being the best cavalier mommy I can be and that is the biggest thank you I wanted to say.