Hmmm -- I checked and it does seem omeprazole is available in Canada?

Health Canada is informing Canadians of the results of its review of safety information for Losec (omeprazole)... In Canada, omeprazole is also sold in generic form as Apo-omeprazole, Ratio-omeprazole and Sandoz-omeprazole.

At least one of these is in capsule form; Losec at least is available in tablet form. But surprised if it would be available OTC in the US and not Canada. The price you are paying sounds very expensive!! Any other Canadians know more?

I'd talk to your neuro/vet school and vet about Clare Rusbridge's website and her treatment algorithm. Cimetidine is actually more often used than omeprazole which causes tummy upsets in many dogs and can have side-effects. Cimetidine is OTC and generic in most places as well. I am sure the vet school could contact Clare directly if they want to know more. Clare's algorithm is the most widely used approach and seen as the gold standard for SM care. I must say at this point, if professional neurologists are up to date on research in this condition, it amazes me they don't prescribe at least one CSF inhibitor as a matter of course. It can be very frustrating.

I think those of us with SM dogs often find we have to be pretty firm advocates for our dogs, on pushing for certain treatment approaches.