Sadly Kayleigh took a turn for the worse this morning and we had to make the decision to let her go.

She was diagnosed with severe symptoms from the Chiari malformation [no syrinxes] at Glasgow Vet School August 2011, and it's been a hard year trying to get her comfortable - she has been on a plethora of different medications thank you to advice and guidance from Glasgow Vet School, and help, advice and support from Clare Rusbridge.

As you can imagine we are both heartbroken, it doesn't seem the same without our precious girl. I know it was the right decision but it just seems so unfair. We had a rainbow over the field next door as we drove home, so we know she is safe.

We are just heartbroken - she was Trevor's velcro puppy

Kayleigh joins at the bridge Rupert, Teddy, Cruz, Fillipa, Isabel, Peaches, Kyla and Great Granny [long term foster] Fufu - lost at varying ages between 3 and 12 1/2.

We are going to miss her so much, she was such a strong personality [like her Great Granny who ruled the whole household for 2 years in her dotage] - we've both said today "no more Cavaliers" - we can't cope with the heartbreak anymore. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am Cavalier obsessed so this is a very hard decision.

I brought this wee girl into the world - an A to A mating, statistics show that there will still be a percentage of affected dogs sadly but the odds are greatly reduced - and I was there for her at the end, the last loving thing we can do for our beloved companions.

This was our precious girl as a puppy

I will find some adult shots tomorrow