Unfortunately, Monty's neurologist won't be back until next Monday, so at the moment, we are at a loss as how to make our sweet little boy more comfortable. About a week ago, he hasn't really been in the mood to walk (which he normally loves), cries all the time and pants quite a bit. The last time this happened, he bounced back rather quickly but that doesn't seem to be the case this time.

He is almost 9 years old and was diagnosed with a pretty severe SM case at 5. He's currently on 100 mg of gabapentin daily, and up to this point, it's worked tremendously.

Does anyone have any tips for making him feel better until we see the doctor? Also, has anyone's cavaliers exhibited these types of symptoms and if so, what was your course of action and the outcome? We just feel terribly for him as he must be in a great deal of pain.

Thanks in advance!