We sadly lost Jemima to MVD last week. Her last couple of hours were awful. She started coughing and didn't stop. I checked her gums which were almost grey and we bundled her into the car and raced to the nearest vets. She rallied a bit after going onto a drip, then we made the dash with her to the vet hospital 30 minutes away.

When we got to the hospital, she was very very poorly and it was clear she needed to be saved the final few minutes suffering, so she got her wings.

We don't know how old Jemima was. Some of you may remember she had been a breeding bitch when we purchased her from a greyhound stadium car park nearly six years ago. The man selling her really wanted a laptop in exchange for her!

Run free my angel and say hi to Marlon and Bradley who both left us over the past 11 months