Rosie is now 9 1/2 months and feeding time has become a production to put it mildly. We got Rosie from a lady who rescues dogs in her home until she can find them loving permanent homes. When we picked Rosie up there was 28 other dogs in the house varying, sizes and breeds. She was not house trained, (we are still working on that!) and feeding time I'm sure was a free for all.

Feeding time in our house has become an annoying game between Rosie and Homer, our 11 year old cat. Rosie won't entertain her food until Homer comes over and takes a nibble and if Homer won't eat she won't eat. This means that who ever is on feeding duty has to stand guard over the bowl and referee pulling Homer away but at the same time allowing him a nibble so it will entice Rosie to eat. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes but for the most part this can go on for 30 to 40 minutes.

We are feeding her twice a day. 1/2 cup of dry mixed with a teaspoon of wet mixed in.

What am I doing wrong and what can we do to speed up feeding time?