I wanted to start a topic on this. I posted yesterday that I thought Elton had BAOS. I might have said he did have this but I don't think a vet has ever diagnosed him. Like I mentioned yesterday his reverse sneezing is really bad and can last minutes and he sometimes has a hard time getting air.

Reading more on it from www.cavalierhealth.com "The symptoms may vary and range in severity, depending upon which abnormality is causing them, but they typically include labored and constant open mouthed breathing, noisy breathing, snuffling, snorting, excessive snoring, gagging, retching, exercise and/or heat intolerance, general lack of energy, pale or bluish tongue and gums due to a lack of oxygen." Some of the symptoms don't match. He with snort but does not have excessive snoring, lack of energy, bluish tongue, etc. The symptom I was really looking for was coughing. One of the symptoms I read on another site was accelerated heart rate. I am mainly concerned about his heart. He has been a gagger but the coughing is getting frequent and I can feel his heart beat really fast. The vet has never said he has a murmer but he is going to see a cardiologist in November.

Here are my questions.

1) Is it pretty easy for a vet to diagnose? I know Rod mentioned on another post surgery is not simple so that is something I need to think about.

2) Does anyone have a cavalier that has this condition and what did they do about it?

3) The only people I heard that had their dogs have surgery (one was a bulldog and the other a cavalier) said they didn't notice a difference. I can tell you that I lived with the bulldog and that was excessive snoring.

I know people will say just to go to the vet (who I frequent) but I want to know what to ask and would like more information especially on the coughing and rapid heart beat.

Thank you