Any help or guidance here is much appreciated. Our puppy, Pippa, just turned 1 and I'm nervous she is showing early signs of SM. She has been doing the head scratching a lot, a bit of biting at her feet and rubbing her head on the floor. We took her to the vet and he prescribed allergy meds as well as ear cleaner. We've tried both and the scratching is continuing, however it did appear to lessen a bit when she was on the meds.

A question about the head scratching: I've read that it's common for Cavs to air scratch, she's not actually doing this but she is scratching at her face/chin area. It does appear that she's actually itching something and she's not yelping.

With dogs with SM, does yelping usually occur and does actual skin contact occur when scratching?

We have not seen any air hopping.

We're really at a loss with what to do next....I suppose we should maybe change her food and take her back to the vets to see if they could prescribe allergy meds?