Hi, I adopted a rescue dog back in July. He was in an awful condition then; double ear infection, covered in hair mats, underweight, overgrown nails...ugh.

After a few months on a proper diet and grooming [5lbs of mats shaved off] he's healthy and energetic and quite the opposite of the little guy I adopted a few months ago.

I adopted him under the impression that he was a cocker spaniel. They said they picked him up near a breeder known to just dump dogs when they weren't useful anymore.

Lately though I've been wondering if he's a cavalier. The only issue is that he has a docked tail. Other than that, he is WAY smaller than what a cocker spaniel should be and ... well I'll let the the pictures speak for themselves.

I have a lot of pics so I'm just going to use links, is that okay?

His "Pound" Picture, the picture that I fell in love with. I actually adopted him long before I ever met him. I just got to go pick him up and sign the last document. The first time we met was when I was putting his brand new collar and leash on.

Car ride home!

His first hour at his new home. I put the bows on him.

What he looked like after being shaved down and gaining a few pounds.

After bath time:

His own bed (not that he sleeps in it)

Him and me on the day we found out he officially hit a healthy weight!

So what do you think? Am I crazy or does he have some cavalier in him?