The other day ( Monday) my nephew was driving his company truck on I-80 in Iowa when a little black dog ran across the highway. He stopped and picked it up. It is a Labradoodle pup someone had dumped. ( Iowa animal control found 2 others later) I hate it when people toss aside dogs like they are garbage !! ( mad & sad)

My nephew brought him into Illinois w/ him...and I took him...gave him a much needed bath, fed him...and took him immediately to the Vet for shots, de-wormer, etc.
He is only around 4 mo's old according to the vet..and very traumatized. He is also really skinny.

Anyway...we thought he had a forever home w/ my brother who was initially excited about it. Turns out he said it's too much for him to handle right now. He hasn't had a pup in over 16 yrs..and he works a lot.

I am fostering this pup but the longer we have him..the more attached he is becoming to us & vice-versa.
He may end up being our 3rd addition to our furry family.
He is going to need patience & work. So he cannot go to just anyone that wants him. There will be stipulations.
He is not hyper..pretty calm actually. He has a lot of potential to be a great dog !
As I said..we are getting very attached to have a strong feeling he will be w/ us.

Here is the thing.
He obviously has lived the beginnings of his life in a cage ( puppy mill).. he totally freaks out when put in a crate.
I had to leave yesterday a few hours to babysit my grandson..and he defected all over himself & was frantic when I came home. He also jumps a that won't work either.
He sticks to me like glue right like I said..he is scared. But he will settle and lay at my feet once he knows I am not leaving him.
I cannot just let him out w/ our he will not follow them. I have to be beside him..and when he does his business? is only maybe 2 ft from me. Wrigley doesn't know what to think of this little intruder....he is VERY jealous
( comes sits on my lap much more..or by his big brother Zeb...)...but being sweet none the less.
He'll get used to him!
Zeb..he is cool with it...but then he is always cool*
The pup did play a little w/ Zeb last night...which was good to see.
Another sad one has ever played w/ he doesn't know what to do yet.
He is a smart thing you can tell he wants to he will cock his head to listen. It's just going to take time & work.

I could use any pointers you all have if you have dealt w/ a pup with severe separation anxiety?? is the pic. of him....( he needs a name too! )