Awe..thank you all so much for the encouraging comments.
Jake ( his new name) & Wrigley actually played together for the 1st time this morning...which was wonderful to see.
Zeb has been really good w/ him..'cept he tried to "hump" him. Which was NOT too cool !!.. considering he is 108 lb lab and this little guy is only 26 lbs! :/ Not sure what that was all about. Guess he was letting Jake know he is top dog...
but I let Zeb know..ahh..nope...> I AM !!!

I thought Jake looked like he had more of a terrier face as well...but the Vet said Labradoodle.
I have googled & researched various pic.'s....and he looks like many I have seen. After all...they are not a true breed.
His back ( fluffy & wavy) & tail ( as it curls up) look very much like a Standard poodle. His snout also has the long look like the poodle as well. But I think the hair around his face is sort of a mixture between the poodle & him a bit of a terrier look.