I would like to note that a dog can have pancreatitis without it showing up on tests & without them having diarrhoea or vomiting.

Earlier this year Tommy was about to be PTS because of what appeared to be uncontrollable SM pain. ( he was also diagnosed when five years old ) It was only when I mentioned he had just changed to a high fat renal diet that it was realised that he had a very painful stomach and that he was suffering from an acute attack of pancreatitis. All this had exacerbated his SM symptoms. He had always had perfectly formed stools and no sickness at all.

I brought him home armed with strong painkillers and with orders to keep him sedated until the pain lessened. He now has a specialy devised fish & rice diet from a veterinary nutritionist to take into account the problems of kidney disease, pancreatitis and MVD.

The last few months have been a little fraught due to the need of emergency dental treatment for a broken tooth and urinary tract infections due to prostatitis ( 6 weeks of antibiotics )

Tom was twelve last week, I don't know how much longer I will have him as he is frail and his back legs are very weak, but he does seem comfortable and he still loves his daily walk and our smoochy goodnight sessions before we go to sleep.

I do hope you can find out the reason for Sadie's deterioration, get her comfortable and stabilised so you can have a little more time with her.

I'm thinking of you both.