I donít really know where to start.

As a lot of you know Harley was diagnosed just over a year ago with SM and it all started because he was limping. First we thought it was an agility injury but an MRI confirmed SM. My Ebony was also diagnosed with symptomatic CM a while later.

The limping last year lasted about 1 month and then suddenly just disappeared until about 2 weeks ago. We have stopped doing agility since last year so itís not that. As the weather has been bad and I know Ebony has been affected I thought it has something to do with that as he has also started scratching more. The limping started one morning when he jumped of the bed, it wouldnít have bothered a normal dog but could I be right that it could have triggered the SM related limping? The limping is on and off but now when he makes a certain move he doesnít yelp but makes a wincing noise obviously pain related. I have emailed Clare Rusbridge and she said that if it is weather related I can give him an extra Lyrica and an anti-inflammatory. He was on Carprofen last year but didnít seem to do a lot. I did start him off again on Carprofen but with my other two I found Previcox to be more affected. So I rang the vet and he said to change the anti-inflammatory I need to wait 24hours for the last tablet to wear off and then another 48 hours till I give him the new medication. Sorry i am just going on but I am at my wits end. We been through it all last year and he was ok ish untill now. I should be used to it by now but everytime something happens it still knocks you again. I hate to see him so un happy. Does anybody with an SM dog got problems with limping? How long does it last?