Last night I went to a presentation on arthritis and its treatment, put on by my vets at a local hotel. It included information on acupuncture, hydrotherapy and physiotherapy as well as veterinary treatment options (it also included drinks and nibbles!). We were given a goody bag to take home, which included samples of EaseFlex Plus, a supplement to reduce stiffness and maintain mobility. The main ingredients are glucosamine, chondroitin and green-lipped mussel. I wondered if it would help my Oliver, who has spondylosis. He takes a Carprieve tablet every day, which has greatly helped his mobility, but is still stiff in the mornings and quite wobbly for a little while after he gets up. Has anyone got experience of this kind of supplement? I can vaguely remember a thread a couple of years ago that said that once arthritis has set in, giving this sort of supplement isn't much help - it's more useful as a preventive, but I may be remembering that wrong. I'm not really very keen on giving Oliver something else to take on top of Carprieve, his SM drug, and ointment for his dry eye, but if this EaseFlex would really help, it would be worth considering.

Kate, Oliver and Aled