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Thread: Toilet training... How long?.

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    Default Toilet training... How long?.

    Hi all,

    Our puppy is 18 weeks old on Saturday and still does his business inside every now and then. We have got a pen outside but to get out we have to open the door for him. We have a chime on the back door that we try to get him to hit to let us know he wants to go out. He does every now and then, but not consistently,

    please also note that we do monitor him to take him out. E.g. Sniffing in circles, after a sleep, after food, etc.

    we never reward him inside, nor do we shout at him when he does his business inside, but we reward and praise when he does it outside.

    how long does it generally take to toilet train him fully?

    one other point that frustrates us at times is that he never let's us know that he needs the loo ( no barking, for example).

    Any tips and hints what we an do?

    Many thanks

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    Sounds like you are doing pretty all the right things. All puppies/dog will have a slip up from time to time. My only tip is to watch him more carefully. Perhaps he's not ready to have as much free run of the house as you would like. Oh and I read that you could "help" your puppy learn the use the bell by getting him to ring it EVERYTIME he goes outside even with you. He just hasn't learned what that bell is for yet.

    Also I have read that dogs do not have the muscle control to be trained until they are 16 weeks old. Not sure I totally agree with that but I'm not expert but if you use that as a guide your 18 week old puppy is doing very well.
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    He's probably doing better than our pup! She is almost 7 months and has gone into total regression mode. I'm not sure if it's because she was spayed a week ago or what, but she's actually pottying in the house this week more than she did at 4 months. She also NEVER went #2 inside and has three times this week! I remember reading that at this age they go through a bit of regression with training. I hope that's it.

    She still does not indicate to us that she needs to go potty either. I've thought maybe we have just become more lax, but reflecting on it I realize that we really haven't. I feel as though I'm in the same boat marky!


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