For real! It didn't break the skin or anything but he growled and bite me all at the same time. I have NEVER seen any aggression in him EVER not with other dogs, cats, people.

Here's what happened: Fletcher is famous for finding things and running off. I was rearranging a few things in the freezer and a mini ice cream sandwich hit the floor well he was standing right there so he did the grab and run to his crate (like it was base or something) So I called him out which he did not listen so I reached in and gave him a leave it which he ignored (happens sometimes too) well there's NO way I'm gonna end up with a sick dog over a stupid ice cream sandwich so I went to take it from him I do this take something away from him thing like its at least once every other day That's when I growled and bite me!!!!!! I let out a big OUCH and pulled my hand back with the now half melted half chewed ice cream sandwich in it. I think he let go of the ice cream sandwich when he felt me pulling on it to bite me. I left him in the open crate to wash my hand and check it out. Again no broken skin but there is a bruise.

I'm not blaming Fletcher he's a dog. So I started thinking how is this my fault. Well for starters Fletcher has been out of his normal exercise routine because my son has been sick and we have not been getting in our usual 3 walks a day but that has happened before. Also for a few weeks now this dog has been acting like he's starving!!!!! Like he NEVER is fed, he eats 3/4 c kibble with fresh fruits and veggies I also give him about 1/4 c give or take in kibble as treats during the day sometimes a half a baby carrot. He is 8 months old and I think his weight is perfect for his build but...... I think Fletcher is just one of those dogs who never get enough or would eat themselves sick if given the chance. He also recently began night wandering so he's back to sleeping in the crate, which is going well he's not whining or barking at all and goes in without a problem. Other than that he's been the same.

I did hop on here and look up guarding behavior problems and what I learned is this was my fault I should have and always should get him to hand over a prize with a lure like a good treat or toy. Obviously!!!! I moved the kibble treat storage container to the counter so I can grab one quick for the next time I need to remove something from Fletcher and I'm going to start again sitting on the floor in front of his crate at meal times. When he was younger I used to reach in his food bowls all the time. I don't want this guarding to become an issue so let's re-train myself NOW.

Ok so here's the questions:

Is this guarding? And I'm I correct in the switch idea? Do you think I'm feeding Fletcher correctly could he really be that hungry? I do think he was searching for snack during his night roaming...... Do you think I need to run feeding issue by my vet? Could this be a sign of something medical going on? Any other tips I should know?

Just making sure. Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!