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    Default Our Little Bed Buddy

    When my husband and I first brought Butters home, he was insistent that he would NEVER let Butters sleep in the bed....

    Well, that didn't last long My husband is a huge softie for this little dog.

    Best friends by LSidari, on Flickr

    Now that Butters is completely housebroken, he sleeps with us instead of in his crate. Butters was really doing fine with his nightly crate routine, but we missed him when we went to bed. He started out with his own little place at the end of the bed, but now snuggles right between the two of us.

    Lately, it hasn't just been our little cav on the bed... it also has been ALL of his friends.

    Can we join you? by LSidari, on Flickr

    Best friends by LSidari, on Flickr

    Butters with forest fox by LSidari, on Flickr

    Giraffe man by LSidari, on Flickr

    He will bring up one toy after the other and carry them right up to our pillows, just to rest his little head on his mound of toys. He especially likes to bring them to my husband as if they are presents! He has come so far from the little dog that used to hide his toys away
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