Lady will not stop eating things in the yard. I have a chair outside that I sit in so I can jump up and referee her yard habits and drive myself (and her, I'm sure!) bonkers. I have tried EVERYTHING. I read tons of advice, tried advice, bought 100 different kinds of distracting toys, "leave it", "drop it", "EH EH!", "NO!" and nothing works. The vet suggested to feed her a bit more at meal times (which it was time to do anyway) so we upped her food amount and that hasn't worked either.

On top of all of that, I decided that maybe if we covered up what she was getting into the most that we could solve the problem and she would concentrate on her outside toys. We had potting soil with tree bark chips in it that she loved to get in, flowers planted and a dead bush she gnawed pieces off of and tried to swallow. So to fix this problem we spent an entire weekend re-arranging our back yard and laying pine straw over all of my garden areas (had to rip my flowers up! ) so she couldn't get to plants or potting soil and my husband actually took his truck and YANKED the bush out of the yard! It didn't work! Now her favorite thing is pine straw again. I am now reminded of the days when we first brought her home and she was fascinated with pine straw. I actually looking forward to her being INSIDE b/c I can puppy proof my house a lot better than the great outdoors.

Please any advice send it on! She's attempting to eat (and a few slip by before my fingers get them): tree bark, grass, twigs, pine straw, beetles, leaves, etc. etc. etc.......UGH!