We adopted Charlie last January through Cavalier Rescue. When we got him he appeared rather straggly with short, uneven hair on his back and long hair on his lower sides and stomach. We had him groomed to have it evened out, and then clipped again before our long, hot summer here in southern Virginia. Since then we've allowed his hair to grow. Now, once again, the hair on his back is only around an inch long, whereas, it has grown to regular length on his lower sides, stomach, hips and chest. Never having had a Cavalier before and never having seen this before on another Cavalier, we're wondering what's going on? Will the hair on his back grow more slowly or is there something going on that will keep it short. He does have SM, but I've not heard of this having any effect like this.

We appreciate any thoughts you can offer. If his hair isn't going to even out, then we'll just keep him trimmed shorter so that it's all the same length.