I went to collect a Springer from some people for re homing and was also 'offered' free this little one as they didn't want her anymore She's 7 years old, spayed and KC reg, I couldn't say no as I didn't know what would happen to her else, she's a lovely sweet girl and I got them to sign her over to me and give me her paperwork so they couldn't try and get her back again. They had chopped her coat about and her breath was terrible, they said all they fed her on was sausages, so I got her booked in to the vets the next day after I saw the state of her teeth, she had 11 removed and the rest were descaled/polished and it cost me well over 200 but it was really worth it as she's so much happier and the best news is she has a lovely clear strong heart beat Her pet name is Bella and she's settled in very well, Chorrells loves her! I've had her micro chipped as this hadn't been done either.
She does however pull like a devil on a lead, her nails were very long so it looks as if she's not had a lot of exercise, can someone recommend a good walking harness for a CKCS please!