Thanks for all your suggestions re the harness, both now sporting nice effective designs and although he's never been a puller I just don't feel that happy using a collar on Chorrells, in fact a lot of our dogs when not off lead wear a harness, most of them a Ruffwear but finding Ruffwear harnessess small enough for Cavs (do they exist?) seems to be difficult so far! Little Bella has settled in very well, she's off for her post op check Tuesday morning, her stitches were dissolvable but as there were some failry large cavities a check up, to be on the safe side that all has filled in well, is in order! She barks when she first goes out on lead but after a few minutes just gets on with the job of having a walk, perhaps it's just excitement! We have 5 little Springer rescue pups here at the moment and she would love to get in and play with them, apparently she was mated with a large Jack Russell some time ago but was spayed after she had to have a CS as the pups were too large for her to deliver, so the mothering instinct is still quite apparent!