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Thread: Times are definitely changing.......KC Breed Health Improvement Strategy

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    Default Times are definitely changing.......KC Breed Health Improvement Strategy

    The KC have just published a 39 page Breed Health Improvement Strategy book.

    This is an enormous step forward by the KC and comes at a time they have been facing a lot of public criticism about their failure to tackle health issues.

    Hopefully the need to produce detailed annual health reports will encourage a little more positive action from the Cavalier Health Liaison Committee............It is a damning fact that the Dog World Newspaper reported that at a recent Select Committee Sir Patrick Bateson and Dog Advisory Council chairman Sheila Crispin were asked whether clubs ever hindered their members getting involved with schemes which would improve a breed’s health.

    "It certainly happened with the Cavalier,” Prof Crispin said.


    "This collection of toolkits is a resource intended to help Breed Health Coordinators maintain,develop and promote the health of their breed.. The Kennel Club recognise that Breed HealthCoordinators are enthusiastic and motivated about canine health, but may not have the specialist knowledge or tools required to carry out some tasks. We hope these toolkits will be a good resource for current Breed Health Coordinators, and help individuals, who are new to the role, make a positive start.
    By using these toolkits, Breed Health Coordinators can expect to:

    Accelerate the pace of improvement and depth of understanding of the health of their breed

    Develop a step-by-step approach for creating a health plan

    Implement a health survey to collect health information and to monitor progress

    The initial tool kit is divided into two sections, a Health Strategy Guide and a Breed Health Survey Toolkit.
    The Health Strategy Guide is a practical approach to developing, assessing, and monitoring a health plan specific to your breed. Every breed can benefit from a Health Improvement Strategy as a way to prevent health issues from developing, tackle a problem if it does arise, and assess the good practices already being undertaken.

    The Breed Health Survey Toolkit is a step by step guide to developing the right surveys for your breed. By carrying out good health surveys, you will be able to provide the evidence of how healthy your breed is and which areas, if any, require improvement.

    Further tool kits will be developed to cover other areas, including computing resources, in the future.
    We hope that you will find these tools useful in your role as Breed Health Coordinator."

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