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Thread: Not a Cavalier mom yet, but soon!!!

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    Red face Not a Cavalier mom yet, but soon!!!

    Hi everybody. I'm Helen, I'm 15 and I never had a pet before. Although, I've always loved animals, i just never had the chance to get one. Several months ago,after a health problem, I felt the need of adopting a life companion. So, i proposed it to my parents and (fortunately) they accepted it with enthusiasm, as they also wanted a pet.Shortly after, I started searching for breeds and I saw the beautiful,joyful,playful and amazing Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! It was love at first sight!!!Moreover, as a kid of technology and willing to find as much as possible about the breed, I discovered some awful things . I never imagined that pet shops were buying their puppies from horrible places like puppy mills or back yard breeders. I didn't even know about puppy mills or bybs, how people treat the puppies' poor mothers and that they are doomed to be bred until their death .Thanks God I always search before making a decision, because if I hadn't, I may now have been with a puppy mill dog, with possible inherited diseases(like epilepsy or even worse siringomyelia and MVD) or morva and parvo. Anyway, my family and I contacted our kennel club( my country is in FCI),they were only 2 breeders, we contacted both, but visited only the one(the other was very far, in an island to be exact), both gave us the best impressions and both of them have perfect and the most important healthy and happy dogs . Now we're waiting for the mating and the litter is expected at the end of May. We want a Blenheim girl, I hope we'll be lucky . Finally, I'd like to ask some questions:
    1) I know that Cavaliers need brushing and combing,but I saw that some trim them. Is that right?
    2) Only puppies need scissoring in their paws or adults too?
    3)How often should I clean their eyes and ears(and with what) ?
    4)What kind of dog shampoo should I use and how often should I bathe them?
    5)Is one hour walk(except the playing) good?
    6)Which dog food would u suggest?, because I know that the good ones are the ones with proteins and no carbohydrates, but I don't want to make my puppy overweight.
    7)I live in a country, where in summer the temperature reaches 109 F(43 C), what can I do to protect them while we'll be travelling by car(from 10 min-2 hours)?
    What crate size do u suggest me to buy?

    Sorry for my long post.

    P.S. Sorry for any mistakes, I'm not a native speaker
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