Hi all,

I know food choices have been discussed at length here, but I wanted to start a new thread to discuss the benefits of mixing food types rather than rotating frequently as well as the pros and cons of grain-free.

I currently feed both dogs Fromm adult gold mixed with fromm four star grain-free surf & turf. I also supplement their food with salmon oil and some veggies and fruit. There hasnt been any negative side affects to this food mix, but both of their coats are rather dry and since we're getting to the end of a big bag I was thinking its time to switch it up. I want to make sure that they are getting different types of meats and have been leaning towards going totally grain-free, but also dont want to overdo it on the protein.

After doing a lot of research I was thinking of doing a 3-way mix of Orijen 6 fish, Fromm grain-free game bird, and fromm four star nutritionals to round it out with a little bit of grains. That way they are getting several types of fish as well as several types of poultry. If I go this way the food will probably last about 4-6 months before it all runs out. They will be getting the same mix every day (with added fruits/veg) but at least it will include lots of variety of nutrients.

What are your thoughts on protein amounts in grain-free foods? As long as they arent corn/wheat based, are foods with grains okay?

I know this is a very controversial topic but I would like to hear from those who feed dry kibble as the main diet source.