So I dont know if Im the only one, but I have a really hard time brushing my girls' teeth. Lady especially thinks its more of a game, and the chicken flavour toothpaste is a treat.

On the recommendation of my vet, I purchased a (pricey!) product called "Healthy Mouth". It is a green liquid that is added to the drinking water and scientific studies have shown that it greatly reduces the plaque and tartar accumulation in both dogs and cats. Reading the ingredients it is mainly composed of fruit extracts like pomegranate and blueberry, nothing too chemical-sounding. I have been using it for a few months but wouldnt really be able to tell any results myself.

A friend of mine who works at a high-end pet store suggested a product that is shaken on the food that I guess helps to clean the teeth while they eat. I am not sure the name of it but she said it was about 20$ a shaker and lasts around 4-6 months.

Has anybody else used any of these products with good or bad results? Are there cons to using these that I am not seeing? Would it be a bad idea to combine the two products (i.e. both food and water supplements)?

It does worry me a bit because it kind of reminds me of the angel eyes stuff that is an antibiotic. I dont want to feed them potentially harmful chemicals only for the sake of brushing their teeth a bit less.