I am pretty sure I know the answer but thought I would put it out there. I came across this that was posted on the ASAP (American Syringomyelia & Chiari Alliance Project) and thought I would ask.


"It was certainly an eye opener to know that Springer Spaniels can have SM and Chiari. But through advances in radiological tests, surgery, medications, genetics, and nutrition great strides will continue to be made for people who live daily with SM and related illnesses"

I think this statement came from someone who just attended the conference and got Springer Spaniel and Cavaliers confused because I am sure if they talked about this topic it would be Cavaliers. I have never seen Springer Spaniels listed as a breed affected with CM/SM.

Has there been any connection with this breed? For some reason I thought I have seen talk about outcrossing to Springers maybe in the future so I would imagine they would not consider this breed if it was also considered a breed afflicted with this condition.