Some of you might remember that Murphy started acting strangely in June this year. We've seen the vet numerous times, he's been MRI'd in September, and comfirmed to have CM and a pre-syrinx. He was started on Cimetidine, and later in the month Gabapentin.

We really thought we'd cracked it, as he's been fine, until Monday night. I put them both to bed, and 10 minutes later he's freaking out digging his bed, moving the washing basket from the corner, whining and whimpering, and finally just getting in a right state. He ended up covered in drool, chin, chest and front feet, I could hear him panting in the kitchen from the bedroom, his heart was pounding. Stuart went down to him, and as soon as he saw him he started wagging his tail, and was straight over for full body cuddles. They both came upstairs for an hour and a half, we dosed, I can't sleep with Misty as she snores in my ear, before Stuart put them back in the kitchen. And that was the last we heard from them until morning.

Yesterday, he seemed quite clingy, wanting to be on my lap all day, normally he's happy to lie beside me, and he wanted cuddles a lot, he kept nudging me when I stopped. Last night was a repeat of Monday night, except I fell asleep until 3:45, and by then I couldn't drag myself from my bed to put them into the kitchen.

This is what confuses me about the whole thing. It only happens every 6-8 weeks, a few days, mostly it's been at bedtime(there has been 3 occasions he's became upset while I'm sitting next to him) and then nothing for another 6-8 weeks. It was 25th of September this last happened. If it is pain related why does he settle down as soon as one of us goes to him? If it's behavioural, why doesn't it happen every night? He has the same routine, they get let out, they get their meds, they get a biscuit and get told to "be good, Mummy will see you in the morning" as it's always me that puts them to bed.

It breaks my heart to see him in such a state, I just wish I knew what was going on in his little head. I've spoken to the Neuro again today, and she said to take him off the Gabapentin, and see what happens, as it hasn't made a difference to these episodes. She mentioned some type of seizures related to the CM, but because these episodes normally happens at bedtime, we're going to see Sam Lindley up at Glasgow first. She's a behaviourist that specializes in pain management. I really hope we get to the bottom of it soon, I don't know what to do anymore.