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And yes Melissa it is freaking me out, it's horrible to sea him in obvious distress over something, but I'm trying to remain calm for his sake, the last thing he need is to pick up me being stressed out too. I have some great breathing exercises to do if I feel stressed, it's just a shame Murph can't do them too

Its funny I have seen and handled many many children's accidents some really bad, broken arms, knocked out teeth, I've used the Heimlich several times to help a chocking kid and so on (working in childcare) I naturally am not someone who panics. Even with my own kids (touch wood we have never had anything real bad) But twice when I thought Fletcher was hurt I was a mess. Once when he throw up fabric and I rushed him to the vet and when we both fell down the outside steps. I think its because he can't tell me what's the matter and I have less experience with dogs. Murphy seems to want his Mommy and Daddy when he's hurting, you and 100% correct to remain calm for his sake.