This is Wally now called Molly as i refuse to stand in a park shouting "Wally Wally come".She is 8yrs old and went to a breeder when her elderly owner couldnt look after her anymore. She was supposed to be food aggressive but wont even look at her food if anyone is near her and its taken nearly two weeks for her to take a treat from my hand. Her house training isnt very good and she marks things like a dog does she cocks her leg up things. I think she has had fleas as her coat is very sparse especially round her tail and back legs. I was told she was deaf but she can hear a certain amount. She is going to the vet next week for a check up and then depending on her heart and other blood tests she will be spayed. She is very nervous and scared but has started coming up for a fuss now but if you go to her she will flinch and try and get the floor to swallow her up.She is such a sweetie she was going to be a foster but i think she is another keeper because of her age and being so scared i dont think it will be fair to pass her on again once she has gained her trust in me.