I am hopefully moving house in a couple of weeks. We have had Oscar our CKCS since he was 7.5 weeks old and he has lived in one house for 6 months and then in our current house. In a couple of weeks we are hopefully moving to a Bungalow with a bigger garden which I know he will love. Now that we have two dogs our house has felt a little crowded.

The new house presents a number of changes including - it has no stairs, it has a much bigger garden, it is not in the town centre, it is not in a noisy area or one with high traffic (like our current house). All these things I think will add up to cause concern for Oscar who is a sensitive soul and even gets upset when you move the furniture around - he will run off and hide for a couple of hours.

I have bought an Adaptil diffuser in preperation and we have also walked both dogs around the area a couple of times so that they can get used to the smells and it is not completely new.

But...if anyone has any tricks they have used to help their dogs get settled in quickly I would appreciate the advice.