Early this morning at about 5AM Lady threw up a large amount of yellow water-like vomit on our bed...and practically on us. Poor thing.

I picked her up so we could clean up and when I set her on the ground she vomited again a few times, but all that came up was 'foam' and it was quite gel-like. When I put her back on the bed to lay down her stomach was making gurgling noises.

After about 20 min I let her have about half the size of food she normally does in case it would upset her stomach even more. She ate just fine and used the restroom with normal poopoo. However, when I brought her back inside she didn't do her usual hyperactive morning routine. She actually went straight into her crate to sleep. She definitely wasn't acting like her usual self, but she also had almost a full day of being awake yesterday...she usually has lots and lots of naps. She could just be tired.

She has done this before when she had a bad respiratory infection, but she doesn't sound like she has an RI right now, and she vomited when she was at her worst point with the RI. She was totally normal yesterday. She has been to the vet a lot recently for things that have concerned me and on my last visit my vet encouraged me to relax and not over-analyze everything so much () so now I have a complex and feel like the paranoid woman who cried wolf. All the things I worried over ended up just being me "overreacting."

In your experiences, is this random vomiting episode something to worry about? The only thing I can think of that may have caused an upset stomach is:

-I fed her two baby carrots yesterday, one in morning and one at about 9PM. I started giving her baby carrots as treats on Friday.
-She ate a part of a beetle
-I cleaned yesterday. Dusted and vacuumed. This hasn't bothered her before, but my husband has had major sinus and allergy issues so maybe the weather and my cleaning did her in too. It was very cold and rainy yesterday and this morning as well.

Other than those things, I am stumped, especially since her #2 was normal consistency and she ate well.