My pup (DOB February 27th, 2012) developed MMM 3 weeks after her first set of shots. I noticed she could not open her mouth, took her to the Vet, and he thought it was Puppy Strangles. I Googled her symptoms and brought her back, so we did not begin her treatment for 2 more weeks. Her jaw muscles atrophied and her face "hallowed," so she was in the "Chronic" stage when we began the anti-rejection steroids, which she will take until a month after her first birthday. Her jaw muscles have returned, she is happy and appears healthy, however unless she is on antibiotics she has diarrhea.

MY QUESTION: Has anyone else experienced MMM in a puppy & started treatment in the chronic stage? If so, how did it all go?

I've checked multiple web sites and all say a pup who begins treatment in the acute phase has a good chance. regarding treatment begun in the chronic phase, all I can find are platitudes, such as "Dogs which are not treated until they are in the “chronic” phase don't fare as well as well..." and "Dogs which are not treated until they are in the “chronic” stage of MMM may be expected to have a less favorable prognosis..." Exactly how "Less favorable"? Can anyone be more specific? What percentage of dogs live? 90%? 10%?

If you have experienced this, please be completely honest with me. I need to know.

Thank you for reading all this.