Brian, I put Jasper`s tablets in very thin small pieces of ham, but this may not be that good for Daisy with her having so many tablets, Jasper only takes 2 tablets per day, never had a problem with him taking them like this, but when I give him his worming tablet I give it in the food he does seem to find it and leaves it at the bottom of his bowl so I always have to check the bowl so Ollie does`nt get it and have a double dose. They are all very different, Ollie would eat anything more or less. It`s funny the games they play, my two are so different and I love how different they both are, must be great fun in your house with all the different personalities, they must keep you on your toes at all times. Keep it up Daisy, you know your Dad loves it, and you will all get away with anything.