Hi- I am Mary, married 30 years, 6 kids and live in Maine. We brought Daisy home with us last February. She just turned 1. She is a tricolor with very long, silky hair.
She charms everyone who sees her and the cat even tolerates her!
I find that she 'talks' to me a lot. if she wants attention, if she needs to go out, if she wants to play, or come and sit with me. If we're walking somewhere new, she'll whine like she's a bit worried about where we're going.
She is very food motivated, but will eat her dinner 1 piece at a time, on the rug. Never scarfs down the whole meal at once.
We originally got her for my daughter (12) but we all know how that ends up- Mom is mom to everyone, even the furbabies.
She follows me everywhere in the house. The only thing she does that I don't like is that she thinks cat poop is the most delicious treat ever (yuck!). So far, the only way I can keep her from getting into it is to clean the box frequently.