so i dont know whether anyone else feels this way, but the pet food market is insanely confusing! i have never been satisfied 100% with any food that im feeding Emma. and there are so many controversial topics, like wet food versus dry, grain free versus grains, homecooked and raw!!! ive read countless articles on each of the benefits and i still find myself having a hard time finding something that im happy with. Emma seems to eat anything at this point (she used to be picky). right now i give her wellness small breed heathy weight and taste of the wild southwest canyon. HELP!! i dont know what to do, i feel like wellness has more vitamins and minerals, but i like that taste of the wild has different protein sources and usually higher protein. or is wet food better? i dont know, if any one can give me specific foods (kibble or wet) that they use and really love !!!!!??
Emmas mom