Hi Everyone-

I have a one year old CKC, Bosco, who loves to go the woods with me. There is a trail and Bosco pretty much stays on it, but he still manages to get all sorts of leaves/twigs/burrs tangled up in his fur, usually in the hind quarters. It bothers him to the point where he will sometimes just sit down, as I think he thinks he is getting attacked from behind (he can be a little jumpy at times). In these instances, I will call him over, pull off the leaves/twigs/whatever off him, and he happily romps away. It gets a little tiresome repeating this exercise through what should be a nice walk in the woods.

Here's my question...Do any of you trim the fur to stop stuff from getting stuck in it? He's got a beautiful coat and I would have to cut/shave, but how else can I prevent our walk from turning into 10-15 mini grooming sessions?

Thanks for any suggestions you can provide.