Today I am going to a show where they are having a health clinic. I am mainly going to have his heart checked (asculation only since so far vet has not heard murmur). The cardiologist is the same one I am going with my friend on Tuesday with her cavalier who I've been talking about with MVD.

I know these clinics are mainly for breeder's and CERF certifications etc. but pet owners can take advantage. They are having standard testing, eyes, BAER, hips, patellas etc. and microchips. Elton gets regular vet checks but should I get his hips and patellas checked? I had the vet check last time but what would you do? I think his hearing is fine and eyes are too except an ulceration (I think) hes had it since I got him and vet said its fine.

Just want make the most of our trip.