So last night I tried to stay up well past my bedtime to watch a movie. The rest of the house went to bed but Fletcher and I were cuddled under a blanket on the sofa. Well, I fell asleep I was woken at 3 am by a weird noise. Someone had left the pantry door open and Fletcher had somehow pulled out the large tupperware container we keep our other dog's food in. This is a REAL tupperware container, I have trouble getting it open and closed well my smart little guy figured it out and was busy trying very hard to get to the food (its in the bag in the tubberwear)

Our other dog, Eddie is on a brand of food I wouldn't feed Fletcher, its not so high scoring but he's been eating it for all his life and try as I may I just cannot switch him to a better kibble. He won't eat it, even when I mix it slow. Then again when my now husband and Eddie came to live with me I have a hardtime getting him to eat "dog food" he was fed nothing but table scraps and not the kind you would feed a dog.

Since it was my fault Fletcher was never put to bed I gave him 2 baby carrots when I put him in his crate for all his "work".