Just getting ready to take the girls out then silly me bashed my head ,loads of blood then
trip to A & E to get sorted and my head glued back together but apart from bad head ok
rest of Sat but on Sun got out of bed immediately felt wobbly , dizzy , nauseous was bumping
into furniture and same today but when to work couldnt do anything saw doc at 9.20 who also
said i was silly for going to work lots of tests thinking about brain scan , what a waste , declared
severe concussion he phoned tonight and is phoning again on Wed am .what concerns me is
first day of sick in over 26 yrs , doc then said it may last 3 days 3 weeks or even 3 blxxxx months
eeeeekkkk cant have that . What a bloxxxx stupid thing to do feel a right wally. I am ok in a
horizontal position but when up feel absolutely orrible . What can I do .