Good news and bad news. I went with my friend to see cardiologist after vet said he had fluid in lungs on verge of CHF and prescribed vetmedin. Good thing because the good news is his heart is not bad. She saw tiny enlargement on one side but not concerned and said it would not be to the point where it would have caused fluid in lungs. She thinks that was due to something else. She had a print out of the heart and described everything. Kat asked about it being a grade 3 and she said it is more about the stage he is in and he is not close to being in CHF.

What did concern her was his breathing. Kat did test of how many breaths he takes sleeping and it's very low which is good. However, she felt he was not able to get enough oxygen. She said she did not think it had anything to do with palette so she had another specialist look and his nostrils are closed or something. He is being left with specialist because this is probably why he stops breathing.

Now for CM/SM. she noticed he was scratching quite a bit and had neurologist evaluate him. He did neck squeeze and he yelped. Kat had told me recently that he has been having trouble with fleas before this. I've been around Kennedy a lot and have never noticed scratching or any other symptoms of CM/SM. she said to put in back of her mind because his breathing issues is most important.
Kat has been around me dealing with Ella and of course that freaked her out. Honestly, does any cavalier pass the squeeze test. He's still at hospital but I would like to see what the neurologist says. I just don't see that with Kennedy but they can hide pain so well,

O feel like Kennedy is my own. So glad he went to specialist