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I do see many that are frustrated with the never ending unrelated facts that don't help breeders eliminate this disease.

While I completely agree with this statement, I am still grateful for the science fact based info. Understanding the total disease is a key to finding an end to it. However, I do believe that there are good breeders out there who WANT to breed SM/CM free dogs ( I admit this is a possibly a "idealistic") but do not know HOW to. I believe there was a dog from this forum who came from grade A scanned breed to protocol parents and still lose lost her too young life to SM......

This information is something we all need to know, if we wish to save this breed or see this breed saved (if possible) Sometimes I feel like it becomes "kill the messenger" because the science coming out of research on SM/CM is so hopeless on finding an answer to ending this terrible disease that effects more and more cavalier everyday. Its hard to hear for us who truly love our cavaliers.