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Thread: Human Chiari and the Companion Cavalier Club Talk

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    Thanks for posting Tania. I always find it interesting to hear (read) what people say about the condition. They can be the voices of how they feel (weather change, etc.), what helps them (which I have a fascination with how acupuncture helps some. Cavaliers, on the other hand, can help with research etc.

    I would like to point out a couple of things that stood out in this thread. I'm a iPhone so I have a hard time quoting.

    She said that even human doctors don't know a lot about chiari. I know sometimes we can get frustrated or want answers now, but imagine if you have been living with the condition for years. I think we all want answers with research because it is a really complex condition.

    I am so glad to see that CM is also being addressed and she has brought attention to this matter. I know more and more people are discussing their cavaliers with mild or moderate CM being very symptomatic. I remember not long ago when people spoke out about it, yet they were an exception. People said there are very, very few with mild CM and extreme symptoms yet on forums I am finding more and more. I am not saying pain is from CM or SM but it has to be talked about and not dismissed. There are cavaliers with significant pain from CM. It has nothing to do with research, trying to dismiss protocals (the protocol says not to breed symptomatic cavaliers period) but that awareness is being made to the issue.

    I am glad to read that Sandrac said that she will no longer say or think that your cavalier only has CM and that's great. Remember some SM cavaliers are not symptomatic so a cavalier in pain is a cavalier in pain whether the do or do not have SM.

    It is sad to think that with the amount of cavaliers having CM having this pain but most don't. Some with SM don't either.

    I have to be honest and that I have questions about the muzzle and CM/SM. obviously it is in toy breeds but i need more facts. Maybe we will find out more later. One question is that king Charles spaniels (English toy spaniels) have a much more flat face but it is common in cavaliers. I know it is seen in KCS but is it that we know more about cavaliers and don't know % affected in KCS?

    Very interesting.
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