Decided to take them all out just before the rain came and at the start of the walk Rosie started limping then started carrying
her left rear leg .Immediately I thought back to Dec 2010 when we almost had her patella operation but put it off with surgeons
agreement ,has it come back again ,any thoughts or am I just thinking the worst .I sent Luke with Rosie back to the car while
the other girls had a quick walk ,I phoned AXA and advised them so no problem there and since we are home i have carried her
about so no jumps ,stairs or walks and am trying to see Francois at C/Gates on monday .I have loxicom and gabapentin in shall
I give either or none am just trying to keep her relaxed and calm .

Advice pls .

I was at C/Gates only last night with Daisy so I hope these events dont come in threes .