i have a 11 month old cavalier, she's a ruby and i've never owned one until my grandma gave me her. i'm having big big issues with her growling at my whole family for no reason, she's also bit my mom and me because of this. besides the growling she seems perfectly normal. she's very very over protective of any food as well, she also will stay outside next to the buttermilk my mom poured out in the yard and guard it so our outside cat's can't get near it! when she does this i have to move her head with a stick and pick her up or she will stay outside all day! another strange thing is she'll be laying in my room and i'll baby talk to her or say "come here girl!" and the white of her eyes are red as fire, and she starts growling. i'm getting worried about this cause my brother lives with me and he's only 11, as well as a 3 month old kitten. she also will chew everything she can! she chewed up my dad's memory card for his camera, our iphone sync cables, my brother's lego's, etc. i need help because i love her so much and i keep thinking maybe i should give her away because of this and i don't want to

any help is appreciated ahead of time!