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    oh has been a long LONG wait, or so it seems. I want to thank Melissa for all her support..she's been AMAZING when i didnt wanna post all the details on the board..she was listening to my every stress..worry and concern..i don't know i coulda got through this without you.. not many people in my life GET the stresses of us and our cavies..but to talk to someone who dose..means a lot!

    I announced a few months back i was preparing to bring another puppy into my life. Well she's here!!!

    the day has been an adventure so far, and ill tell you all about it. so feel free to skip details if you want.

    My breeder lives a 1.5 hour ferry ride..and then a 1.5 hour drive from the ferry we decided to catch the first ferry over to the mainland today at 7.
    which ment a 5 am wake up call..which i woulda preferd over the 3 am wake up..and too excited to fall back asleep. so instead..i kicked back my covers at 4 am and steam cleaned my floors! lol.

    outa the door while it was still dark.

    Dad and i headed over. and i was exhausted. i decided i didnt want much to do with the bright ferry lights and headed down below decks to the car.
    when i came up to find dad, i heard something i had never heard before on the ferry..MUSIC. i came up..and there was a man playing a concert in the stair well..and he was really good.he had an audiance and the kids were all dancing and clapping. found dad and we stayed to watch for a bit before heading back down below decks.

    we saw the dock ahead...when suddnly the ferry SWUNG to the right..i mean faster then i ever seen a ferry do ANYTHING.. and the alarm starts going off.
    they were doing a 'man over board drill'...ive taken the ferry for 27 years and we have NEVER seen was kinda cool. to the breeders i was all excited.. i thought i knew in my head which pup i wanted. i had choice out of the 2nd litter..the younger of the two litters.
    the one i liked in my head was not the one we got to hold when she was just 1 week old, but another one who recently caught my eye because of a cheeky look in her eyes.

    we got there..and the breeder was amazing again..shes just wonderful. and she let the pups i had a choice from out.
    well the one that we got to hold at one week, flopped in my arms and didnt move the whole half hour i sat there.. the one i liked in my head was a spitfire..running around teasing her siblings bouncing pouncing..didnt want to come to say hi for long..more interested in her siblings. there were others tugging at my shoes and mysweater, as puppies do.
    but the lil one we held at one week..'chose me'.

    so after a long time of sitting with them..watching them..letting htem play..trying to get the attention of the one i thought i liked the looks of..i decided i had been chosen for sure..and i wasnt gonna leave my lil snuggle bug behind.

    first thing we did was jump out to her deck which overlooks the fraser river, high up on a mountian. the rain held off justl ong enough for me to get enough pictures that im sure one of them turned out just as i wanted..then we headed inside to do the paper works and the skys opened up and it pounded with rain.
    but me? i was happy..the photographer in me REALLY wanted THAT shot of me and my new puppy.

    she slept the entire way back, she absolutly adored her bed. and i have to admit it is pretty jealous.
    we got to the ferries and tried to get her out for a pee..but it was sOOOOO cold..she did NOT want to do ANYTHING.
    so we piled back into the car..the ride home was pretty un eventfull..i tried to get her to go pee again outside..but she was even more stubborn.. maybe the smell of the car deck? so we huckerd back in the car and she had an accident in her bed

    we decided to stop in at my parents place (grandparents live in the suiet) sister was over too.e.very one was sooo excited to meet her.
    she loves everyone, especially my sister.

    when i got home i set the kennel down on the floor in m livingroom.
    and i tell you..i know my cats VERY well.

    everyones been asking me for months 'how will the cats react' and they reacted exzactly as i told everyone they would. 16 year old whos lived through 4 pets being introduced to his life..including oliver, walked up..curious..wide eyed..'what is this' kinda thing..but calm.
    simba..the 2 year old who turns my hair grey and keeps me on my toes is very nervous around anyone whos not me or meeko..he puffed into a snow ball and hissed. i knew it was what hed do. he will (and has) calm down and come around..i have no worries about that.. we've brought so many new pets into our lives over hte last few years.
    i have a big crate in my room seperated from the boys, and this is where maggie and i have been hanging out tonight.

    simba settled down..maggies having a ball. shes a little sad when i leave the room..butother then that..she ate..she peed she pooped and is sleeping now..which is what i should be doing.

    here are some iphone pics. (you know me and my camera willl have a zillion more for the pupppy section..but for TONIGHT..these are whats going up )
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    Oliver and Max and Meeko man, i will meet you at the Rainbow bridge. I love you all. Miss you more then you'll ever know.
    wait for me...


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